Fathers in LAW


WHY Fathers in LAW?

WHY Fathers in LAW?

The Double Whammy

The problem can be put very simply. Most men don’t have a life. What we call our life is mostly just a big act, a mask that we clamp onto our faces each morning and don’t take off until we fall asleep at night. Most men are flat out every day living a lie. We’ve all grown so used to this, we don’t even notice it any more.

Steve Biddulph, The New Manhood, 20th Anniversary Edition

Lawyers are more likely than the general population to experience depression and anxiety.

Mental Health and the Legal Profession: a Preventative Strategy, Final Report, 11 September 2014, Law Institute of Victoria

Too Dramatic?

Maybe, though sometimes we need a jolt, a provocation to reflect on our lives. And perhaps no more so than we men, who typically are reluctant to share our everyday feelings, our everyday struggles… even our joy.

The Passion

As a male, a lawyer and a father of four children, Bill is passionate about bringing Fathers in LAW together, having conversations, sharing our stories, so we can:

  • understand we are all in similar boats. rowing as best we can
  • generate possibilities for us and others, to allow us to grow ourselves and our relationships, whether at home (with our partner and children) or at work (with our teams and clients)
  • have fun!


For Groups

Bill is excited to partner with Michael Bromley LinkedIn and Maciek Motylinski LinkedIn, co-founders of Beyond Billables Site, to host regular get-togethers for Fathers in LAW in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, sharing our stories

For Individuals

Bill offers one-on-one conversations to Fathers in LAW, either face to face or through ZOOM

Blogs, Posts

Bill will offer provocations from time to time, as a way of encouraging reflections and conversations
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